January 05, 2012

Internet links

Sounds Live Festival 2010 : http://bit.ly/9hkLJl

Sounds Live on Facebook
: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sounds-Live-Festival/121519617867086

Sounds Live on Twitter : http://twitter.com/soundslive2MCE

Sounds Live Choir : http://soundslivechoir.blogspot.com

Previously featured artists on Sounds Live

Contact Sounds Live : http://soundslive.blogspot.com/2010/02/contact-us.html

2MCE-FM : http://www.2mce.org



CBAA : http://www.cbaa.org.au

Amrap / Airit : http://amrap.weebly.com

Tune-in every Wednesday evening from 9.00 pm for 'Sounds Live Radio' on 92.3 & 94.7 MHz on the FM band, in Bathurst & Orange, NSW Australia... straight after Greg Fahey on The Laundromat.
You can also listen to the show streamed live online right on your internet

Every Wednesday evening, between 9-10pm
Check the World Clock - what time is the show playing where you are across the world?
2MCE-FM ~ Out There: Live and Local

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