July 26, 2010

Rose Turtle Ertler

This week on Sounds Live Radio, we present Rose Turtle Ertler, recorded live at BMEC last Saturday afternoon, by the Sounds Live Radio team (thanks Mark!)
In 2000, ROSE TURTLE ERTLER plugged her ukulele into a multi FX guitar pedal. She kept doing this for at least five years, until she learnt to play the ukulele like a ukulele instead of like a little guitar.

She stills loves tacky programmed drums, theremin and random analog electronic beeps and buzzes, but doesn't use these so much in live shows anymore.

Lately, Rose has also been playing banjo, ukulele banjo an autoharp called a Victalele made in Melbourne. All Rose's instruments happen to be made in the 30s and 40s.

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