July 31, 2009

Have you met Tim Roebuck?

Tim has operated Tim Roebuck Audio Productions since 1993. He has extensive experience in live sound reinforcement including 4 years at the National Folk Festival and 2 years at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. He has been contracted for sound engineer work at various live music venues in the Central West including the Mitchell Conservatorium of Music. Tim was employed as the audio technician at the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre for 3 years. Tim has extensive experience in commercial CD production including recording, mixing and mastering in live, and studio environments. And, he's an all-round nice guy! Tim Roebuck is a great friend of 2MCEs and we appreciate his sharing of knowledge. Tim will be mixing sound for the live broadcast of Sounds Live Cabaret and Sounds Live Acoustic and recording for the cd compilation.

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Annie said...

You can find out more about Tim at his website http://timroebuck.com.au