July 29, 2009

In The Studio Today

Glen & The Zen Men came into the studio today to help me out with testing some new equipment. Well not really the whole band, more just the Zen Men - the very knowledgable Mark and 2MCE's favourite Raga playing presenter Keith. Adam was there also (he's assistant producer for Sounds Live). After Sounds Live in 2008, 2MCE's studio 4 was renovated to accomodate live-to-air music performances. This will be the first time we've hosted live music in the studio. You can hear Glen & The Zen Men live on 2MCE (on your radio or computer) on Saturday 1st August from 6pm. The band are:
Glen Wholohan- Alto Saxophone and Clarinet
Glen was introduced to the clarinet at the age of ten and has played it ever since. Learning the saxophone was a natural progression. In 2004 he played 1st Alto Saxophone in the UNE Stage Band and The Armidale Jazz Club. Glen has also been involved in various performances throughout the Bathurst Community including most recently; the Carillion Musical Society's production of 'Les Miserables' (where he played Baritone Saxophone) and will play clarinet in the Macquarie Philharmonia perfomance for the 'Classical Mystery Tour'.
Keith Manning – Drums
Keith’s first love is the Indian Tabla, which he played in the 1970’s fusion band “Kanguru”, and other notables such as Guy Strazz. A Jazz enthusiast for over 50 years, playing kit drums is a new direction for him.
Martin Hayes – Guitar
Martin has played guitar since 1977, with a strong emphasis on Jazz guitar since 2002 when he studied under Steve McKenna. A Bathurst resident since 2005, he holds an architecture degree and hosts “Free Association” on Mondays on 2MCE.
Mark Wallace – Bass
Mark moved to Bathurst from the Sydney rock scene in December 08, and is enjoying the move back to Jazz after 12 years of late, loud pub gigs. Mark also has experience in Theatrical orchestras and swing music, and is also a keen pianist.

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