April 03, 2011

Calling all local musicians

sounds liveCalling all local musicians... yes, YOU!

We are calling for expressions of interest from local musicians around NSW's Central West to perform live at our weekly "Sounds Live Radio" live music radio festival.

Local musicians are invited to perform live on "Sounds Live Radio" during 2011, on 2MCE-FM.

Play your live music on your local radio.
Exposure. Promotion. Experience.

Contact : Michelle O'Connor
Phone : 6338 4312
Fax : 6338 4402
Email : moconnor@csu.edu.au
Sounds Live : http://soundslive.blogspot.com
2MCE-FM : 6338 4790 (office)

Contact us at Sounds Live Radio!

Tune-in every Wednesday evening from 9.00 pm for 'Sounds Live Radio' on 92.3 & 94.7 MHz on the FM band, in Bathurst & Orange, NSW Australia... straight after Greg Fahey on The Laundromat.
You can also listen to the show streamed live online right on your internet
(using Windows Media Player).
Every Wednesday evening, between 9-10pm

Check the World Clock - what time is the show playing where you are acr
oss the world?
2MCE-FM ~ Out There: Live and Local

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