June 25, 2010

Sounds Live Radio

We have been featuring both live and the latest Australian music over the past few weeks, including local artists recorded live on "Sounds Live Radio" right in our studios, plus tracks from the current No. 1 Australian album "Intriguer" by Crowded House, and a selection of the latest newest Australian releases from Amrap.

They have included such latest releases as:
  • Sarah Blasko - We Won't Run
  • Tim Steward - Not the Same
  • Lisa Mitchell - Clean White Love
  • The Tealeaves - Unspoken
  • The Stoics - Submarine Song
  • Andrew Redford - City
  • Pioneers of Flight - Break Through
  • Drawn From Bees - Run Away
  • Joel Myles - Smoke and Mirrors
  • Mark Moldre - In This Life
  • Made In Japan - Pairs

Tune-in every Wednesday evening from 9pm for 'Sounds Live Radio' on 92.3 & 94.7 MHz on the FM band, in Bathurst & Orange, NSW Australia... straight after Greg Fahey on The Laundromat.
You can also listen to the show streamed live online right on your internet
(using Windows Media Player).
Every Wednesday evening, between 9-10pm

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