September 27, 2010

Sounds Live Week

Sounds Live started with a blast on Saturday night with the opening Cabaret at the Bathurst RSL. It was a huge night of live music, dancing, fun and bingo!. The headlining band, Wes Pudsey & The Sonic Aces blew the crowd away with an awesome set of rockabilly and rock'n'roll tunes. The dance floor was full all night and everyone had a ball.

Now for the rest of the week of Sounds Live on 2MCE

Leanne Hawkins, singer songwriter - 1pm Monday 27 Sept
Paul McIlwright, bass player extroadinaire - 8:15pm Monday 27 Sept
Paul McIlwright, singer songwriter - 2pm Tuesday 28 Sept
Chris Bergen, singer songwriter - 7:15pm Tuesday 28 Sept
Phil Cole, singer songwriter - 7:15pm Wednesday 29 Sept
Amber Cashell, singer songwriter - 1pm Thursday 30 Sept
Melissa Robertson, singer songwriter (country) - 6:15pm Thursday 30 Sept
FretWorx, guitar group (modern and classical) - 8:30pm Thursday 30 Sept
Sounds Live Cabaret (recorded from the live event) - 6pm Friday 1 Oct

Tune in to 92.3(Bx) and 94.7(Ox) or online throughout the day to hear great live and local music on your radio.

What time is that on where you are? Check here :

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