October 20, 2011

In the Studio, October 2011

Mark, Keith and Mal with "Stormcellar" on Sounds Live Radio, Sunday 16th October 2011
(Pics courtesy of Stormcellar)

Mark can't keep his hands off the mixing desk - good thing, too... he's great!

Theo asks, "Where are we gonna fit everything in here..?!?" But they did - and it sounded great.
(Pic courtesy of Stormcellar)

Carl from Stormcellar

Michael from Stormcellar

Paul from Stormcellar

The Shake Up - live-to-air on Sounds Live Radio, Wednesday 19th October 2011.
Drummer's view, inside 2MCE's Studio 4 - and a great drummer Tim is, too.
(Thanx to The Shake Up for the pic)

Tim drums like a machine - with spot-on harmonies as well.

Ben and Miles doing what they do best.

Mick and Ray, "Cosmic Nomads" (from Orange), on Sounds Live Radio, Saturday 15th October 2011

Steve from Cosmic Nomads

Mick from Cosmic Nomads

Calan from Cosmic Nomads

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics Mal & Co. Team Gherkin, eh?
Look forward to the next couple of SLR.